Gil Poore - Co-founder of Atelier Blooms Ltd

Bloom Blog July 2022

Making your home (more) beautiful.

We love glossy magazines with photos of beautiful rooms filled with light and colour, pillows and objects, books, and vases overflowing with flowers. These rooms look like they are often used and much loved. Equally, we love the minimalist looks with a splash of colour.

The majority of us, don’t live in ‘glossy magazine mansions’ or with unlimited decorating budgets, but in cosier, welcoming homes, whether or not, it is owned or rented. These are the places where we want to be happy and live comfortably.

The global pandemic forced us to remain at home for extended periods, and to relieve the restrictions, many of us, turned to home improvements and redecorating.  

Choosing flowers for a room you wish to lift, brighten or dress-up isn’t difficult – it just takes a little practice and experimentation.

When making flower choices, focus on the current or proposed palette of the room; is it warm or cool? The room’s furnishings and light. Where might the flowers be placed - on a table, bookcase or sideboard - bench top perhaps? What size is the space where you want to feature the flowers?

These are just a few things to consider when choosing flowers or an arrangement.  

 Just one more thing to remember – flowers whether they be fresh, artificial or paper, do not do well in direct sunlight. Fresh flowers won’t last long, and both artificial and paper flowers will fade. The New Zealand sun is harsh.

Until next time – Bonnie & Gil

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