Blooming Care – Caring for your Atelier Blooms

Blooming Care – Caring for your Atelier Blooms

Flowers are beautiful and pretty; they just make life better.

Caring for flowers isn’t complicated regardless of whether or not they are fresh, artificial or paper. Fresh flowers need clean water and air – pretty simple really.

Paper and artificial flowers are even easier – no water or air needed!

Atelier’s paper blooms definitely do not need water – in fact they perish when exposed to water. So:

The first rule of Atelier Blooms care is NO WATER – not even a light mist!

The second rule is no direct sunlight – they may fade, like any object left in prolonged or harsh sunlight; or fire…as paper burns.

Maintaining Atelier’s blooms and artificial arrangements is rather pleasant
– using a feather duster or similar (very light fibre duster) brush lightly over and around the blooms and foliage taking care not to crush the blooms in the process.

If this is done regularly, no further maintenance may be required.

If however, like a lot of us, you dust only when you could write your name in it – here is the remedy for dusty paper or artificial blooms:

Place the floral piece(s) in a shady place outside, when breezes are light – leave for about 45 mins to an hour – and let nature do the dusting. Should you not be able to place your arrangement outside, instead you can use a blow dryer on the COOL setting and point at the piece from about 50cm distance.

That’s it – simple really.

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